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Self-Guided Seminar

We are currently working on a self-guided seminar. Whether you use a will or a trust, you will want to learn about the basic steps to the planning process. 

When the seminar is ready, you will start the seminar and finish at your leisure. 

Receive tips and insights along the way to help you clarify your general plan. Discover how to choose a health care agent to speak on your behalf, how to name a guardian for your young children, how to avoid tax by including your favorite charity and how to protect your assets for your children. 

When you are finished with this process, you can make an appointment for a phone call, a Zoom session or an in-person meeting with Attorney Patricia McKinney-Lins

During your appointment, Patricia will let you know the estimated timeline and fees to complete your documents and will set up a date to sign all the papers. You will end the estate planning process with the peace of mind that comes to those who organize their affairs. 

Congratulations on taking the first step! Please call Tabitha at 608 661-4500 to receive information and a simple questionnaire by email or regular mail. After we receive your questionnaire, we will schedule your appointment.

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